Mess-free glue stick that dries clear




Features & benefits

Bostik Glu Stik is a solvent free, non-toxic, easy to apply and use general purpose adhesive for the classroom and home. This mess-free glue stick glides on clear and smoothly and dries clear.

  • Glu Stik is a non-toxic, non-harmful adhesive and is safe for the whole family to use
  • Solvent free, which is kinder to the environment
  • Because it’s acid free, it doesn’t yellow or corrode the materials you are gluing
  • Non-wrinkle formula - 8g, 21g and 35g size formats available
  • It’s free from food ingredients such as wheat, gluten, flour, eggs or nut products. It does contain corn starch. Repeated or prolonged contact may cause an allergic reaction in some susceptible persons.
  • Tested in accordance to AS/NZS ISO 8124:2012 (Safety of Toys - Part 3: Migration of certain elements)

Downloads & Resources

Bostik DIY Australia Create - Glu Stik Technical Data Sheet (528.24 KB)

This file is stored on an external website, please follow the link

How To Use

Bostik Glu Stik can be used to for scrapbooking, cut and paste activities, paper craft, invitations, art and craft projects and dry mounting photography. 

  1. Ensure that surfaces are clean and dry
  2. Remove cap, turn base until glue protrudes
  3. Glue one surface and press firmly together
  4. When finished, turn base to retract glue
  5. Recap after use to prevent glue from drying out

TIP: If you forget to put the cap on and the glue dries out, don't worry! Just put the stick into warm water for a few minutes. You can use it again and there's no waste!


Is Glu Stik safe for my kids?

Bostik Glu Stik is non toxic, solvent-free and easy to use, so little ones can enjoy getting stuck in - just make sure they avoid contact with their eyes.

I have Glu Stik all over XYZ. what do I do?

Bostik Glu Stiks are children-and mess-friendly, so can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water.

My child got Glue Stik in their eye

Please rinse thoroughly and immediately with water if you haven't already. If any discomfort or irritation persists, seek medical assistance.

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