Weather Tree

Create a visual representation of the seasons with our Weather Tree project! This engaging tutorial will walk you through crafting a unique and educational tree display using Bostik adhesives and simple materials. Perfect for classrooms, homeschooling lessons, or home decor, this DIY project features step-by-step instructions to construct and decorate your own weather tree, from sunny days to snowy landscapes, capturing the essence of each season in a creative and interactive way. Let’s explore nature’s beauty with Bostik and bring the changing weather into your living space with our Weather Tree.


Step 1: Ready your template

Print out each of the provided templates in the attached PDF. Colour in the trees.

Step 2: Create the background

Cut and paste onto colour cards to create blue sky and green grass.

Step 3: Add some colour

Colour in the shapes and cut out with scissors. Remember to colour some leaves green and others orange and red!

Step 4: Make your trees

Paste the coloured cut-outs to the bare trees with a Glu Stik. Label each season as you go!

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