Crafting with leaves

Working with leaves has a fantastic advantage: They're easily found in nature, adding uniqueness and eco-friendliness to every project. Just grab scissors, glue, a handful of fallen leaves and set your imagination free. Prepare to invite the outdoors indoors with this captivating leaf craft!


STEP 1: Cut Out A Tree Trunk

Cut a tree trunk shape from the brown paper and stick it onto the white paper using the glue stick.

STEP 2: Apply Glue

Apply the Bostik Art & Craft White Glue to where you will sprinkle your leaves.

STEP 3: Add the leaves

Gently crush the dry leaves into small, fine pieces and then sprinkle them evenly over the glue. Be sure to spread them out to cover the entire glued area. Repeat this process for the ground area surrounding the base of your tree trunk.

STEP 4: Decorate tree

Use a leaf to cut out shapes such as cats or other animals and glue them beneath the tree. Allow the glue to dry, then gently shake off any excess leaves that remain. If you notice any blank spaces, simply add more leaves to fill them in.

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