A PVA white school glue for crafts and projects.




Features & benefits

Bostik School Glue is a polyvinyl acetate (PVA) based adhesive that is ideal for classrooms where it can be used in bulk for art and crafts, school projects, handicraft and decorative work. It has excellent adhesion to porous materials such as fabric, leather, paper, textiles, felt, various soft woods (Pine & Meranti) and medium woods (Beech & Oak), composite woods (supawood & chipboard), cardboard, cellophane, photographic paper, and cork. Also suitable for paper mache and decoupage.

Not suitable for bonding plastics and some coated papers e.g. wax coated, polyethylene laminated paper. Not intended for exterior use or where moisture is likely. Not suitable for load bearing applications or where gap filling properties are required. Should not be used to adhere coated woods, synthetic woods and melamine. Do not use when temperature of materials are below 4°C.

Downloads & resources

Bostik DIY South Africa Create - Art Craft School Glue Technical Data Sheet (289.21 KB)

Bostik DIY South Africa Create - Art Craft School Glue Safety Data Sheet (75.31 KB)

How to use

  • The surface must be clean, dry, free from all loose materials, dust, dirt, rust and any other contaminants.
  • When working with woods that are oily or high in tannic acid, wipe the joints with acetone before gluing. Acetone clears the contaminants from the wood pores on the bonding surface and dries quickly without leaving any residue.
  • Apply glue to one surface.
  • Press pieces together and allow to dry for 4 hours.


How do I clean excess school glue from the counter?

Clean excess liquid school glue with warm soapy water when still wet.

Which adhesive is the right one for my application?

Please visit to find the correct adhesive for your application. Alternatively call our Sticky Questions Helpline during office hours on 0800 222 400.

What is the shelf life of the adhesive i bought and where can i store it?

The shelf life of adhesives varies from product to product, but typically ranges between one and two years from the date of manufacture when unopened and stored correctly in dry conditions - usually between +5°C and +25°C. Once opened, the life of the product will be more limited – this is dictated by variables including the type of adhesive, how it is stored, and how much adhesive is left unused. For more information, refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet.

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