A fast setting repositionable spray adhesive.




Features & benefits

Bostik Sprayable Adhesive is acid free and will not stain or wrinkle surfaces. It has excellent initial grab and long tack life making it ideal for solving difficult assembly and positioning problems such as bonding to a vertical surface. Ideal as a clear, fast drying general purpose glue for home, school or any DIY project. The sprayable adhesive can be used for art and crafts, decoupage, scrapbooking, archiving, photo albums, photo mounting, school projects, handicraft and decorative work and general DIY tasks where quick repairs are required. Exhibits good adhesion to most surfaces such as paper, board, fabric, cork, photographic paper, polyurethane foam, wood, glass, many plastics, fiberglass, metals, and painted surfaces.

Will not adhere to some plastics, e.g. polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon, plasticized PVC, etc. Not suitable for use on expanded polystyrene. Not suitable for applications needing heat resistance above 50ºC.

Bostik Sprayable Adhesive contains a flammable solvent. Always work in a ventilated area and do not breathe in vapours. Avoid exposing product to any ignition sources and do not smoke when using the adhesive. 

Downloads & resources

Bostik DIY South Africa Create - Art Craft Sprayable Adhesive Technical Data Sheet (306.52 KB)

Bostik DIY South Africa Create - Art Craft Sprayable Adhesive Safety Data Sheet (192.09 KB)

How to use

Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of loose materials, dust, dirt, oil, rust and any other contaminants. Metal surfaces should be degreased with suitable solvents e.g. acetone. Rubber should be pre-cleaned with lacquer thinners. Hard plastics should be lightly abraded with emery paper.

  • Not to be used if ambient temperature is below 5ºC or above 35°C. Protect the work surface to prevent contamination caused by overspray.
  • Test product for suitability on a small area before using on new or unfamiliar applications and materials.
  • Shake can thoroughly before use.
  • Spray adhesive evenly from 15cm to 20cm away, avoiding overspray on surrounding surfaces.
  • For pressure sensitive repositionable bonds, apply a light coat to one surface. Allow to adhesive to dry for 1 – 3 minutes and press together.
  • For permanent bonds, apply a heavy coating to both surfaces.
  • Allow to dry for 1 – 5 minutes and press together.
  • Always clean the nozzle after use by inverting the can and spraying for a few seconds.


Are adhesives flammable?

Most solvent based adhesives are flammable. Always work in a ventilated area and do not breathe in vapours. Avoid exposing the product to any ignition sources. Do not smoke when working with adhesives.

Which adhesive is the right one for my application?

Please visit to find the correct adhesive for your application. Alternatively call our Sticky Questions Helpline during office hours on 0800 222 400.

What is the shelf life of the adhesive i bought and where can i store it?

The shelf life of adhesives varies from product to product, but typically ranges between one and two years from the date of manufacture when unopened and stored correctly in dry conditions - usually between +5°C and +25°C. Once opened, the life of the product will be more limited – this is dictated by variables including the type of adhesive, how it is stored, and how much adhesive is left unused. For more information, refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet.

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