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High-strength, high-tack adhesive

Product overview

Bostik MAMUT Glue is a high quality professional & DIY hybrid adhesive with an extremely high initial tack, specifically developed as a universal high grip and high strength adhesive for bonding many building materials.


Bostik MAMUT Glue fulfils BREEAM* specifications mentioned in chapter ‘Health and Wellbeing’, Hea 02 Indoor Air Quality, regarding volatile organic compound (VOC) emission levels (products).


BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings.



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Product Details

How to use Mamut Glue:

  1. Apply adhesive with the provided turnkey applicator in vertical stripes with 10 - 20cm distance between stripes.
  2. Bring the materials into position and press firmly so that the adhesive is a minimum of 2 - 3mm thick between material and surface.
  3. Because of the high initial strength, support during curing is usually not necessary.

For further questions, please contact our technical department.

Recommended Uses

  • Stone,
  • Concrete
  • Mirrors, glass
  • Sanitary and building ceramics,
  • Clinker, concrete (even damp or moist)
  • Glazed plaster
  • Epoxy surfaces
  • Polyester
  • Styrofoam
  • Plasterboard
  • PU, PVC, hard plastics
  • Enamel,
  • Copper, lead, zinc, tin, aluminium, metals, alloys, steel (galvanized, stainless steel, equelased)
  • Impregnated wood, cork, MDF, OSB, chipboard & other wood-based materials HPL and cement fibre panels (*).

*The user is responsible for performing all the requisite tests to make sure that the product is suitable for its intended use "