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Multi-purpose, ultimate strength glue

Product overview

Bostik Power Repair is an ultra strong, fast drying, clear glue that uses SM Polymer technology for a long lasting bond on just about any material! It's waterproof, works in extreme temperatures and has a dual nozzle for fine or wide application - so it's perfect for small household repairs, indoors and out.

  • Suitable for use on most materials
  • SM Polymer technology
  • Dual nozzle for fine or wide application
  • Fast drying - no need for clamping
  • Waterproof and works in extreme temperatures
  • Available in a 20g tube


20g tube

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How to use

For best results, ensure surfaces are dry, clean and free from dust and grease

  1. Always point the tube away from you when opening and dont squeeze!
  2. To use the fine nozzle, unscrew the cap and squeeze glue out of the nozzle. To use the wide nozzle, unscrew the entire plastic nozzle
  3. On hard surfaces, apply glue to one surface, or to both surfaces for soft materials, then bring the two surfaces together and press for 10 seconds
  4. You will be able to reposition the materials for up to 3 minutes and the repair will be fully set within 2 hours without the need for clamping. Full strength will be achieved after 24 hours
  5. After use, wiple nozzle with a cloth and replace the cap