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Multi Purpose, Clear-based

Product overview

Bostik Super Glue liquid is a medium viscosity modified Ethyl-based Cyanoacrylate which bonds almost immediately on contact.

It works well on both porous and non-porous material and also works on more materials than the regular super glues.

Bostik Super Glue liquid adhesive is a general purpose super glue designed to bond most metals, plastics, elastomer, wood, textile, etc. Performance speeds are slower giving time for alignments.



Twin pack -2 x 3g
Triple pack -3 x 0.8g

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Recommended Uses

Typical applications include:

  • Wood trim on furniture
  • Balsa wood bonding for hobbyists
  • Leather accessories on shoes
  • Fabric bows on shows
  • Lampshade bonding.

Other features include versatile bonding of most elastomers, metals and plastics. Procedure for application: Apply sparingly to one side and hold parts until handling strength is achieved.


Store in a dry, cool place with a temperature below 30°C. (It is encouraged that the product be stored at around 20-25°C for ideal storage). After usage, please cap the product in refrigeration at 5°C is recommended for long-term storage.