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For a quick drying, flexible bond on soft plastics

Product overview

Bostik Soft Plastics Clear Glue is an ultra strong, quick drying, water resistant, clear adhesive that's perfect for making flexible repairs to things like inflatables and tents.

  • Formulated to work on soft plastics
  • Provides a flexible bond
  • Ultra strong and quick drying
  • Water resistant
  • Contains a PVC repair patch
  • Available in a 20ml tube

Bostik Hard Plastics Clear Glue (20ml) also available.



20ml tube

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For best results, ensure surfaces are dry, clean and free from dust and grease

  1. If using Bostik Soft Plastics Clear Glue on rubber products, lightly roughen the surface to be repaired using a fine grade sandpaper.
  2. If required, use a piece of the PVC repair patch provided.
  3. Spread an even film of adhesive onto both surfaces.
  4. Leave until almost dry (about 5 to 10 minutes) then press both surfaces together firmly until bonded.
  5. Replace cap immediately after use to prevent the adhesive becoming unusable.
  6. Maximum bond strength is achieved after approximately 48 hours.