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Gel-based, high strength, general purpose bonding

Product overview

Bostik's Super Glue Gel is a very high viscosity modified Ethyl based Cyanoacrylate which bonds almost immediately on contact. Bostik’s super glue gel shows greater surface insensitivity thus allowing faster bonding of all substrates and improved performance on wood, card and metals.

Bostik's Super Glue Gel exhibits improved thixotropic behavior and uniform appearance.



Single pack – 1 x 3g

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Recommended Uses

Bostik Super Glue Gel is specially formulated for high strength, general purpose bonding of:

  • Most metals
  • Wood
  • Card
  • Plastics
  • Rubbers
  • Leather
  • Fabrics
  • Other common substrates

Bostik Super Glue gel is suitable for bonding poorly mating components and for porous substrates such as China and other ceramics. It is also suitable for use on vertical and over-head surfaces as it will not drip or slump.


Store in a dry, cool place with a temperature below 30°C. (It is encouraged that the product be stored at around 20-25°C for ideal storage). After usage, please cap the product and refrigeration at 5°C is recommended for long-term storage.