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BL 50

Multi-purpose lubricant

Product overview

Bostik BL 50 is a thin fluid oil spray for lubrication and maintenance of metal parts. Suitable for automotive and engineering locksmith, crafts and households. Bostik BL 50 is silicone-free.

150 ml

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Product Details

  • Penetrates threads to remove fabric stains i.e. carpet stains
  • Lubricates hinges, coils, springs, water taps, windows, coils, springs, water-taps, windows and door-handles, swivel chairs, etc.
  • Suppresses humidity on metal surfaces, e.g. electrical contacts, car ignitions, tools, motorbikes and outboard engines.

Recommended Uses

  • Unfastening rusted joints, nuts and bolts
  • Sustainable protection against corrosion
  • Grease and lubrication for runners, joints, hinges, chains
  • Removing squeaking and creaking noises
  • Cleaning and stripping
  • Driving out moisture from finest cracks and seams