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Suitable for interior areas that expose to high humidity

Product overview

Bostik Woodfix D3 has been developed as a water adhesive based on polyvinyl acetate copolymer emulsion for pressure sensitive adhesive application.

Bostik Woodfix D3 has high molecular weight with optimum particle size distribution. It is supplied unplasticized.




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Recommended Uses

  • Ideal for mounting around window & door frames.
  • Bonding all panels (OSB, wood, plasterboards, drywalls, insulation board).
  • Bonding masonry elements (windowsill, brickwall) and decorative elements.
  • Gap filling around pipes, penetration surfaces and more.
  • All materials except for PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PTFE, soft plastics, neoprene and bituminous substrates.
  • Not suitable for permanent water load.
  • Not suitable for filling in cavities with insufficient moisture.
  • Interior & Exterior.


Storage: Store in a dry and cool place below 30°C (recommended to store product around 20°C for optimal storage). Must be kept in tightly closed containers.