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Create an unique and fun elephant greeting card with our Bostik Art & Craft White Glue.

STEP 1: Fold Paper

Fold the cardboard paper in half. You can write your greeting card note on the inside.

STEP 2: Add The Balloon

Use Bostik Art & Craft glue to stick the deflated balloon to the card. Stick in the centre of the card.

STEP 3: Cut Out Elephant Ears

Fold your coloured piece of paper in half and cut out a tear drop shape from the back end of the folded paper to ensure the ears come out connected.

STEP 4: Add Ears

Slide the ears in from the top down so that it sits behind the top of the balloon.

STEP 5: Add Decorations

Use Bostik Art & Craft glue to stick down your decorations. Be as creative as you want.

STEP 6: Let It Dry

Once you have completed sticking all your decorations down, give it time to dry and admire your work!