Father's day card

Surprise your dad with this beautiful card on Father's Day!


STEP 1: Preparation

Fold your A4 white cardboard in half (landscape orientation). Measure & cut two different coloured papers in the following sizes: 20cm x 14cm and 19cm x 13cm. Glue the biggest size to the front of the folded card.

STEP 2: Silicone

Print & cut template provided. Use the fish template and cut 3 more fish from the textured/coloured paper. Punch a hole into each fish and decorate to your liking.

STEP 3: Assemble

Cut a 21cm piece of rope and string your fish to the rope. Use double sided tape at the back of your 19cm x 13cm piece of paper where you want the rope to hang. Peel release paper and stick the rope down at the back of it so that your fish are hanging on the front of the paper.

STEP 4: Decorate

Stick your decorated 19cm x 13cm paper down onto the other pieces. Now colour in and decorate your header and complete the project by writing Dad a special message on the inside of the card.

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