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Help your kids make this fun and easy Mother's Day card! Quick and suitable for all ages and just enough space to write their own personal message inside.

STEP 1: Print and cut

Print the template onto regular print paper. Cut out all the shapes to use as stencils. You could also print the template directly onto thicker paper and use our Wax Twisters to colour in and decorate.

STEP 2: Trace and cut

Trace and cut out the big heart on paper of your choice. Trace, cut out and paste the smaller heart onto the inside of your big heart.

STEP 3: Cut and fold

Trace & cut out the stem and the leaves. Glue the stem inside the inner heart, on the bottom at the middle. Glue the two leaves to the bottom of the stem. Let the glue dry. Fold the heart in half. If any of the stem pieces come loose, just reapply the glue to strengthen the stem.

STEP 4: Make the flower

Trace the tulip flower shape on paper. You will need to trace it a few times, the more shapes the better (we had 6). You can use the same colour for all of them, or make it multicolour. Cut out all the tulips. Once all of them are cut, fold them in half. Glue each halve on top of the other.

STEP 5: Glue

Once you have all of them glued together, apply glue on one end (half) of the tulip. Press it down into the card. Apply glue on the other half of the card and close the card for the glue to set. Once dry, it should open with a fan effect. You can now write your little message for mom!


Instead of tracing, use Prestik to stick the template onto the paper of choice making sure the paper does not move, then cut around the shapes leaving no pencil marks!