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Discover how to use a glue gun with our simple step-by-step guide

Learn to use a glue-gun like a pro and be ready for anything with our Bostik Handy Hot Melt Glue Gun step-by-step guide

Life can be fast-paced and hectic, there are always so many demands on our time; with a never-ending to-do list of jobs that need to be completed – as well as finding time for the activities we actually enjoy! When you’ve got a hot glue gun like the Bostik Handy Hot Melt Glue Gun in your home, you feel like you’re ready for anything; whether you need to repair a few things around the house, help your child with a school project or perhaps express yourself with something creative. Check out these step-by-step instructions to find out all you need to know about how to use a glue gun.

What to do before you glue:

  1. Fit the metal stand onto the slots by the nozzle at the front of the Handy Hot Melt Glue Gun.
  2. Load a Bostik Handy Hot Melt Glue Stick through the grip ring at the rear of the gun.
  3. Press the trigger several times until the stick is positioned firmly in the gun.
  4. Plug in the gun and a light will come on at the rear to indicate that it is in operation.
  5. Rest the gun on its stand and allow it to warm up for around five minutes.

Good gluing

  1. Ensure the surfaces to be glued are clean and dry. Surfaces should also be at room temperature to prevent the adhesive from cooling too quickly.
  2. Press the trigger until glue flows from the nozzle.
  3. Apply the adhesive to the surface that is the most difficult to bond (in general, metal, hard and smooth surfaces are more difficult to bond than rough, porous surfaces). There’s no need to spread the glue.
  4. Press the surfaces together as soon as possible after application (within 15 seconds for best results), and apply pressure.
  5. To ensure a continuous flow of glue, insert further glue sticks into the rear of the gun and wait a few minutes until the stick has heated to the correct temperature – never force the trigger.

After you’ve glued

  1. Unplug the gun when you’re finished and allow it to cool before storing.
  2. Don’t pull the glue stick from the rear of the gun, as damage may occur. Surplus glue sticks may be trimmed off using a sharp knife.
  3. The glue will set as soon as it has cooled and appears dry and hard. However, you may want to put your items aside for a couple of hours to ensure maximum adhesion.
  4. Excess glue can be removed mechanically once dried by scraping carefully with a blade edge. A residual thin film may remain, which can then be removed using a solvent cleaner. 
  5. Sensitive surfaces may be damaged by the hot adhesive or by the solvents used in the cleaning process. Always carry out a test before use.

Need-to-know: the Bostik Glue Gun range

We’ve a glue gun to suit every project…

Bostik Handy Hot Melt Glue Gun

The Bostik Handy Hot Melt Glue Gun is safe and easy-to-use so it’s perfect for arts and crafts, as well as light household repairs. It’s compact and comes with a retractable stand and safety warning light. The trigger control delivers a consistent application while the Bostik Handy Hot Melt Glue Sticks are ultra-strong and fast-setting, for a long-lasting bond.

Bostik Craft Cool Melt Glue Gun

The Bostik Craft Cool Melt Glue Gun is the perfect choice for projects that involve delicate materials. It offers the lowest possible glue-melt temperature but still provides a strong bond in seconds. It’s great for art, craft, model-making and floristry – as well as many minor household repairs. It will bond most household materials including polystyrene, wood, leather, fabric and rubber cleanly and easily. It must only be used with Bostik Craft Cool Melt Glue Sticks.

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For further information, please see the Bostik Handy Hot Melt Glue Gun technical data sheet