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Add character to your sneakers or flats with a little Bostik Rugby Excel and a lot of rhinestones.

Step 1: Choose

Pick a pair of shoes that needs glamming up, and clean them. Bostik Rugby Excel works well with shoes made of rubber or canvas.

Step 2: Cut

Look for a design pattern you want on your shoes. Print and cut out the pattern.

Step 3: Trace

Trace the cut-out pattern on the part of your shoes where you want the design. Use a metallic pen for black shoes.

Step 4: Dab

Using a cotton bud, dab Bostik Rugby Excel on the rhinestones.

Step 5: Apply

Carefully place the rhinestones on your shoes, following the design and color patterns.

Step 6. Dry

Let dry for 30 minutes. You are now ready to walk around town!


Rugby Excel available in our ecommerce stores.