What are #BluHacks?

#BluHacks is the name given to the multitude of uses for Blu Tack® - the original reusable adhesive tack.

Designed as an alternative to drawing pins or sticky tape, Blu Tack® provides you with a safe and easy to use, repositionable adhesive solution.

Aside from the traditional uses of Blu Tack® such as sticking posters to a wall or holding objects in place, there are over a thousand “Bluhacks” designed to make everyday life that little bit easier – whether it’s removing fluff from clothing, levelling a picture frame or fixing a wobbly table! With so many possibilities, it’s no wonder Blu Tack® is everyone’s favorite reusable adhesive tack. #BluHacks make Blu Tack® a must-have in any home, office or school!

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