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  • 6-8 YEAR OLDS


Step 1: Print Template

Print out Gary Gecko template (above) and colour in

Step 2: Cut Gary out

Cut out Gary from the template

Step 3: Segment the tail

Cut Gary's tail into segments

Step 4: Glue Gary

Use Blu Stik to glue the pieces of Gary in position on new card, leaving a gap between the segments so they can bend

Step 5: Cut out Gary again!

Cut out Gary from the card you've attached him to

Step 6: Cut straw

Cut and use School Glue PVA to stick small pieces of straw along the tail, and longer lengths of straw to run down the body

Step 7: Thread straw

Thread through the straws, leaving approx. 10cm hanging out the end, then tie a loop

Step 8: Secure the tail

Cut the thread at the top of the tail and secure to the end of the tail with a Glu Dot

Step 9: Make Gary move!

Insert your finger in the loop and pull to make Gary move!