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  • 3-5 YEAR OLDS
  • 6-8 YEAR OLDS


Step1: Create hair and face

Use black card to create hair, mouth and eyebrows

Step 2: Use Foam Pads

Attach features with Foam Pads so they look slightly raised

Step 3: Make eyes and scars

Cut grey cardboard for your eyes and scars, then attach with Clag® TrianGlu

Step 4: Glue screws to sides

Cut screw shapes and use Clag® TrianGlu to glue screws to the sides of the face

Step 5: Attached face to cereal box

Attach your face to the cereal box using Clag® TrianGlu

Step 6: Use your puppet

Put your hand inside the cereal box to use the face as a puppet