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Are your kids bored because of being stuck at home? Do they need an activity to keep their creative juices flowing? Here’s something that can interest them. Challenge your kids to come up with mini sculptures using Blu-Tack.

Step 1

Challenge your kids to come up with a drawing of a thing they want to mold.

Step 2

Provide Blu-Tack Original and Blu-Tack Colour so that the kids have options. Start molding Blu-Tack based on the kids’ drawings.

Step 3

Keep on molding and sticking pieces of Blu-Tack until the shape is as close to the drawing as possible.

Step 4

Kids can even add other things found inside the home like hairpins, etc. The more creative your kids want, the better.


You can even give your kids with different creativity awards to your kids. You can also display their final artwork in the fridge door.