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Step 1: Blow up your balloon

Blow up balloon to roughly the size of a large Easter egg

Step 2: Prep the legs

Cut two toilet rolls in half and Glu Tape together

Step 3: Attach legs

Attach rolls to the side of the balloon to make legs


To get more surface area, we used scrap cardboard across our rolls

Step 4: Draw your money slot

Carefully draw a rectangle on top of balloon about 1x4cm- this is your money slot!

Step 5: Scrunch!

Take two pieces of scrap paper, same length as balloon, and scrunch. Glu Tape to front and back.

Step 6: Wrap your balloon

Start wrapping toilet paper all over – except slot. Paint down with a diluted Coloured PVA mixture: two parts PVA, one part water.

We recommend 3-4 coats of paper


We did two coats and then sprayed with Multipurpose Spray Adhesive to help harden the shell!

Step 7: Add eyes

Attach googly eyes using Blu Tack Colour

Step 8: Start saving!

Pop your balloon – and fill with your savings!