Craft a Winter Snowman using Bostik Clear in just a few easy steps!


STEP 1: Cut

Cut straight across the white sock just under the heel. This bottom portion will be the snowman’s body.

STEP 2: Fill

Place a funnel inside the sock, then fill up the sock with rice.

STEP 3: Shape

Use a rubber band to close the top of the sock. Use another rubber band to create the snowman’s body. If there is too much on the head left over, trim the top with scissors.

STEP 4: Add a Winter Hat and Jersey

Cut the bottom of the fluffy or patterned sock and use the tip of the sock (where your toes go) for the hat, the rest of the sock as the jersey.

STEP 5: Glue

Glue the hat onto the head using Bostik Clear glue. Then glue the white pom-pom to the top of the hat. You can also add glue under the jersey all along the top and the bottom to hold it in place.

STEP 6: Create the face

This is where the snowman really comes to life. Use the Bostik Clear glue to stick the orange pom-pom in the centre of the face. Finally, draw the two eyes with the black marker.

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