Santa Christmas card

How to make a Santa Christmas Card in 5 easy steps! All you need is some coloured paper, crayons and a glue stick to personalise your own Santa card!


STEP 1: Fold/Cut

Cut your red cardboard A4 sheet in half to make an A5 sized card or fold your A4 sheet in half if you want to write a message inside your card.

STEP 2: Tear

Tear your beige sheet and glue it to the centre of the red card, make sure to leave space above for Santa’s ‘hat’.

STEP 3: Tear some more!

Tear 2 pieces of your white sheet off, a thin piece for the top and one thicker piece for the bottom to make up Santa’s beard. Glue them to the card. Be sure to leave a red space open on top for Santa’s ‘hat’.

STEP 4: Trim

Trim the excess paper on the sides that you stuck onto the front.

STEP 5: Decorate

Draw eyes and mouth with the black marker, then draw the nose and colour in the cheeks with your red Wax Twister or crayon.

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