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In this latest paper craft tutorial video, we'll show you how to make a paper flower arrangement that is easy for young children to create and a beautiful gesture for Mother's Day!

STEP 1: Fold

Place the white sheet as your background. Cut a third of the blue sheet off and fold together to form a funnel with the bottom half.


We used Bostik Paper Glue to glue the blue sheet to the white background, but you could also use Prestik or a Glue Stick. Use a small piece of Prestik to stick the point of the funnel together.

STEP 2: Draw

Use your green marker to draw flower stems with small branches.

STEP 3: Create the flowers

Tear off small pieces of the colour paper to use as flower buds. You can use different colours to make it more colourful.

STEP 4: Glue the flowers

Use Bostik Paper Glue to stick them to the end of the stem branches.

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