Easter cup bunnies

Get ready for Easter with these easy-to-make and super cute Easter Cup Bunnies!


STEP 1: Prepare your bunnies

Using the coloured cardboard, cut out the shapes for the bunny ears, feet and nose:

  • Bunny feet: 2 x Big oval shapes, 2x smaller oval shapes and 6x small circles for the toes.
  • Bunny ears: 2 x Large pointy ear shapes and 2x smaller pointy ear shapes (smaller shape should fit inside the bigger shape).
  • Bunny nose: A small oval for the nose.

Double the above numbers if you would like to make two cup bunnies like we have.

STEP 2: Make the ears and feet

Using Bostik Glue Stick, make the feet by gluing the small oval shapes into the center of the large oval shapes, then attaching the smaller circles for the toes.

Build the ears by sticking the smaller pointy ear shapes into the larger point ear shapes.

STEP 3: Add the eyes and nose

Using Bostik Glu Dots, stick the eyes onto the paper cup and then use Glue Stick to stick on the nose under the eyes.

STEP 4: Add the face

Using the black pen, draw the face onto the paper cup – don’t forget the whiskers!

STEP 5: Attach the ears and feet

Using Bostik Glu Dots, attach the ears and feet onto the paper cup.

STEP 6: Fill up your cup!

Finally (and most importantly) fill your Bunny Cup with Easter eggs!

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