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This simple and enjoyable craft activity is perfect for the entire family, and it's something that even your toddlers can join in on!

STEP 1: Cut & Paste

Fold the A4 sheet and cut out a heart shape to make the wings and glue them together.

STEP 2: Make The Body

Use the peg to secure the wings together, forming the butterfly's body.

STEP 3: Decorate Wings

Using a different coloured piece of paper, create shapes and use them to decorate the wings. In the video, we've chosen heart-shaped craft materials as an example. You can use paper cut-outs or even draw your own decoration.

STEP 4: Create Antennae

Cut two pieces of paper into strips, then glue them to the upper part of the peg in order to create the antennae for the butterfly.

STEP 5: Add Googly Eyes

Glue the googly eyes just below the antennae.

STEP 6: Cut circles for antennae

Cut out two small circles and glue it on the top of the antennae.

STEP 7: Add Smile

Use your colour marker to draw on a smile.

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