How to make a spring chicken

Spring into creativity! Watch as your little ones bring their very own Spring chicken to life using paper plates and Bostik glue products.


STEP 1: Cut Out Eyes

Cut out 3 different sized circles to make up the eyes and use your Bostik Glue Stick to glue them down:

  • 2 Big white circles, glue this down first
  • 2 Smaller black circles, glue this down on top of the white circles.
  • 2 Smaller white circles, glue this down on top of the black circles.

STEP 2: Start Creating The Chick's Face

Now, it's time to stick the eyes right in the middle of your yellow plate to begin creating the chick's face.

Once you've got the eyes in place, carefully cut out the chick's beak. After that, use some glue to attach the beak just below the eyes to complete the chick's face.

STEP 3: Create Your Shell

Now, it's time to create the shell for your baby spring chicken! Imagine two cracked egg shapes, like the ones you see when you break an egg. Carefully cut them out.

Next, grab your trusty Bostik Art & Craft White Glue to stick these egg shapes on the top and bottom of your paper plate. This will make the eggshell for your hatching spring chicken.

Wait for a little while to let the glue dry. This will make sure that the eggshell stays in place and doesn't wiggle around.

STEP 4: Prepare The Wings

While you wait for your little chick to dry, it's time to make its wings! Take another yellow paper plate and cut out two wing shapes. Once your chick is completely dry, flip it over, and carefully glue the wings to its back.

STEP 5: Finish By Adding The Wings

Carefully glue the wings to its back. Make sure the wings are in the right place when you look at the chick from the front.

In the video, we used Bostik Glue Dots, but you can also use Bostik Art & Craft White Glue – it works just as well!

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