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Everyone loves an adorable Ladybug. Their contrasting red and black colours make for a wonderful craft project for parents to do with their kids.

STEP 1: Cut circles

Use the black paper and measure a 9cm diameter with your compass for the body, and a 6cm diameter for the head, cut the circles out.

STEP 2: Paste

Use Bostik Paper Glue to stick the head to the body.

STEP 3: Cut out wings

Fold Red paper in half, use your compass to measure a 10cm diameter for the wings and cut out so that you have two red circles. Fold them in half.

STEP 4: Paste

Use your Bostik Glue Stick to attach the wings to the body. Apply the glue only to the one side.

STEP 5: Complete eyes

Cut out 2 small white circles of 2cm in diameter each for the eyes and stick it down to the head, use permanent marker to draw the dots for the eyes.

STEP 6: Add antennae

Cut out a pair of antennae and glue to the head.

STEP 7: Decorate

Finally you can draw small black circles on the wings, these can be spaced out as you like.