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Paper crafts are the perfect at home activity to ignite your little one's imagination. In a world of over-stimulating technology, arts and crafts help us slow down, work through a task step-by-step, and reach a goal—all while exploring our creativity.

STEP 1: Measure

Measure a section of white paper (approximately 15cm x 10cm) for the base of the Penguin. Cut out as illustrated and set aside.

STEP 2: Shape feet

Use yellow paper and mark off two sections (sized 5cm x 7cm) for the feet of the Penguin. With the pair of scissors, shape the feet as shown and paste the feet to the base.

STEP 3: Cut

Take the black sheet, fold it in half and cut into two sections. Take one section and once again, fold in half and cut into two sections. Now, using one of the halves, cut off a 2cm piece on the side. You should have 2 strips of paper with one bigger than the other one.

STEP 4: Roll & glue

Take the larger section of black paper, roll and glue the two ends for the lower half of the Penguin’s body. Do the same with the smaller section. This roll will serve as the head.

STEP 5: Cut

Using the 2nd A4 piece of white paper, measure a 3cm strip vertically paper and cut out. Cut a 6cm strip from the piece of 3cm white paper, shape one side oval and paste to the body of the penguin.

STEP 6: Create the beak

On the remaining strip of yellow paper, cut a sharp triangle for the nose. Bend a small portion and glue to the head.

STEP 7: Add the eyes

Take the remaining 3cm piece of white paper and measure the white strips of the two eyes (2cm x3cm each). Cut out and shape ovally one side and paste it next to the nose. Use a black marker to draw the eyes.

STEP 8: Complete the body

Now glue the body onto the feet (which are glued to the base), and finally glue the head to the body.

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