Ready, Set, GONE! Bostik Glu GO is an adhesive remover formulated for the fast and easy removal of sticky, gummy adhesive residue from non-porous surfaces and some fabrics.




Features & benefits

Bostik Glu GO is a viscous hydrocarbon based adhesive remover formulated for the fast, and easy removal of sticky, gummy adhesive residue from non-porous surfaces and some fabrics. The gel formula is non-drip and holds to surfaces allowing it to penetrate the adhesive residue. Bostik Glu GO acts by softening the adhesive residue allowing for its easy removal. Effective on a wide variety of adhesive and sealant technologies, including solvent based and urethane adhesives. A very handy product to use in your home, office or car!


  • Sticky labels, plasters, decals, tapes, double sided tapes. A wide variety of adhesives and putties such as Prestik, wax and chewing gum.
  • Contact Adhesive, bitumen, grease, tar and asphalt from non-porous surfaces. Correction fluid from some fabrics and surfaces.
  • Hardened mastics and other adhesives that remain after old floor coverings such as carpet and linoleum have been removed.


Vertical surfaces, glass, painted walls and surfaces, metal, tiles, plastic, some fabrics & laminated woods.

*We recommend testing a small inconspicuous area prior to application to ensure the surface is unaffected. May affect colour in certain fabrics. Test for colour fastness before using. Not suitable as a hand cleaner, skin contact should be avoided as it dries out the skin. Not suitable for porous surfaces i.e. unsealed natural stone since this may wash the residue deeper into the pores. Not suitable as a paint stripper. 

Downloads & resources

Bostik DIY South Africa Repair - Glu Go Technical Data Sheet (302.82 KB)

ik DIY South Africa Repair - Glu Go Safety Data Sheet (341.22 KB)

How to use

Remove cap from tube and pierce seal with reverse side of cap. Apply a thick layer of Bostik Glu GO to the desired area using the scraper and leave for 10 - 30 minutes, (depending on thickness, size, type and age of the adhesive being removed). Fresh uncured glue spills can be wiped off almost immediately. Remove the softened adhesive with a cloth, hard plastic scraper or spatula. A second to third application may be required, depending on the thickness and age of the residue. Covering with a plastic sheet to keep a longer contact time with Bostik Glu Go will enhance performance. Once the adhesive residue has been removed, wash the surface with soap and water. Close lid to avoid product drying out and rinse scraper and utensils after application. For best results, used on fresh uncured glue spills and those that are less than 24 hours old. 


How do I remove glue from my fingers?

Rinse your fingers immediately with plenty of warm soapy water and do not pull on the skin that has been glued. If glue remains after using warm soapy water, it will often de-bond within a couple of days due to general wear and tear and the natural oils in the skin. If skin irritation occurs, consult a doctor.

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