How to create reverse prints using Blu Tack®

A reverse print, also known as an inverse print, is a popular printing technique where ink or paint is applied to the area surrounding your image, rather than the image itself. Once pressed onto your desired surface, often paper, the resulting print exposes the image whilst the background is inked out.

Reverse prints are perfect for use on greeting cards, envelopes and wrapping paper, creating a simple yet effective design. You can easily create DIY reverse prints with a little help from Blu Tack®.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial from our friends at Craft Invaders and discover how to create DIY art prints through inverse printing.


Step 1: Mould your Blu Tack®

To begin, mould some Blu Tack® into a ball. Then, flatten it out into a circular shape using a rolling pin.

Step 2: Stamp your print into the Blu Tack®

Firmly press your decorative stamp into the circular Blu Tack® pad to imprint - the firmer you press, the more defined your image will be.

Now peel the Blu Tack® pad away to expose the reverse print pattern.

Step 3: Colour your pattern

Use an ink pad or sponge to colour your pattern created on the Blu Tack® pad. It is important that you focus on the areas that stick out from the Blu Tack® and that you do not colour the entire Blu Tack® pad.

Tacky's tip

If it makes it easier for you, you can colour in your decorative stamp first, before stamping it into place as suggested in step 2. This can help to ensure you are only colouring the right areas. If you choose this method, once you've stamped your coloured print in place, you can always go in with more colour onto the Blu Tack® pad to ensure it is as bright and bold as you originally desired.

Step 4: Print your design

Press your Blu Tack® pad onto your paper or card and lightly rub across its surface to ensure the colours fully transfer.

Tacky's tip

If you are making cards, ensure you are printing the right way up for when you open the card.

Step 5 : Peeling your Blu Tack® away

Peel back your Blu Tack® pad from the paper or card to reveal your print. Ta-da! You've mastered the inverse printing technique and have created a unique, DIY print to create beautifully bespoke cards, envelopes, and decorative paper. Making a reverse print really is as simple as it looks!

Step 6: Decorate your DIY art print

To finish up, you can cut out your reverse prints to create homemade greeting cards, wrapping paper or personalised envelopes for an elegant look. You can even use them on DIY Christmas decorations!

Bring them to life using Glitter Glu for a touch of sparkle, Foam Pads to create 3D effects, or further embellish with gems and buttons with the help of our Extra Strong Glu Dots.

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