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How to make your own pendant light

Fancy upgrading your lighting quickly and easily? Discover our step-by-step on how to create a DIY pendant lamp and swap your standard table lamps for suspended showstoppers.

Pendant lamps are one of the most timeless styles to choose from for your home. Designed to elevate a living space, the hanging element effortlessly adds depth and dimension to a room and with the right bulb, you can completely change the mood of the space with minimal effort.

For this tutorial, we're focusing on upcycling old materials to create a neutral, boho pendant light shade that'll suit any aesthetic. Learn how to make your own pendant light in 9 simple steps.


We have launched a new and improved version of Fix & Flash. Please note this guide was created using the previous model but is still suitable for the new version. Browse the new Fix & Flash today.

Step 1: Cutting rattan

To create your DIY pendant light, use scissors and a tape measure to cut 4 pieces of rattan to the following sizes:


  • Two pieces of about 1.4 metres: these will form the two horizontal hoops.
  • Two pieces of about 1.9 metres: these will form the vertical hoops.

Step 2: Soak the rattan

Soak the rattan cane in water for 20 minutes to soften the material and gently bend it into the desired circular shape.

The thicker your rattan, the longer it will need to be soaked for. Be careful not to let the rattan soak too much, otherwise it may discolour.

Step 3: Fold the rattan into shape

While the rattan is still wet, start to fold it, taking care to be very gentle.

Step 4: Apply Fix & Flash glue

Apply a bead of glue on the ends of each piece and stick the ends together to create four rattan loops.

On each loop, flash the light onto the applied glue for 15 seconds to set the glue in place.

Step 5: Interlock the rattan

Next, interlock one of the vertical loops made from the 1.9m rattan cane, into the other to form a cross.


You can use a temporary adhesive such as Blu Tack® to hold the two rattan loops in place whilst you begin to fix the horizontal loops in place.

Step 6: Add the rattan loops

Then, place the horizontal loops made from the 1.4m rattan cane around this cross. This is the basis of your DIY pendant lamp.

Step 7: Keep the loops in position

Keep the loops in position using a bead of Fix & Flash glue at each intersection. Shine the light over each blob of glue to set the adhesive in place.

Step 8: Cover the entire rattan

Once your rattan structure is firmly stuck together, it's time to cover it with your chosen fabric. We recommend using a light linen to create a boho pendant light or choose a patterned fabric to make your DIY pendant lamp stand out and be the talking point of a room.

To create your fabric cover, start by cutting your fabric to approximately 1.4m x 1.4m. Then, place over your rattan and tie the ends above and below the structure.

Step 9: You've created a DIY pendant lamp!

Finally, use two small hose clamps to hang your light shade around a suspended bulb. We recommend ensuring the electricity is fully switched off and your light bulb is cool to touch before changing your bulb and securing the pendant in place.

Ta da! You've learnt how to make your own pendant lamp. Switch on your light and enjoy.