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Liven up your wall or shelf with this artwork made from rubber bands!

Step 1: Cut

Cut your 200 gsm paper to the size of your picture frame.

Step 2: Lay

Pick the rubber bands you want to use. Cut them and lay them out on the paper in a rainbow pattern. Cut the excesses.

Step 3: Mark

Draw a rainbow, and mark the outer and inner edges. This will determine the space where you will apply the rugby.

Step 4: Apply

Put Bostik Rugby Excel on the marked paper and on the rubber bands, individually. Make sure you put a scratch paper underneath. Let dry for 20 minutes.

Step 5: Assemble

Using a tweezer, place the rubber bands on the paper one at a time. Don’t worry about Bostik Rugby Excel getting on your skin—it is non-toxic and easy to remove.

Step 6: Display

Stick a cotton ball on both ends of the rainbow. Put the artwork in the picture frame and display on your shelf or wall.


Rugby Excel is available in our ecommerce stores.