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Organizing your workspace is not just about arranging your things or sprucing up your desk. What we often neglect is to maintain cleanliness especially in nooks and crannies. Our keyboard is one item that we forget to clean regularly. Dust can easily accumulate and this affects the performance of our devices.

A quick and easy way to clean keyboards is to use Blu-Tack. Here’s how:

Step 1

Get your keyboard, whether it’s your laptop’s or your mobile phone.

Step 2

Get a piece of Blu-Tack and knead it into a long thin shape. The tip should be thin enough to reach the nooks and crannies if your keyboard.

Step 3

Clean your keyboard using Blu-Tack.


You can use and reuse your Blu-Tack to clean your keyboard. Remember to clean your devices regularly for optimum use.

Blu-Tack Original and Blu-Tack Colour are available in our ecommerce stores.