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A high quality, general silicone sealant suitable for all general applications.

Product overview

Bostik Home is a clear, one part acetoxy curing high quality general purpose silicone sealant that provides a permanent flexible, durable, watertight seal for general purpose sealing in and around the home. The sealant is extremely resistant to UV radiation, weathering, ageing and water, and offers excellent chemical resistance and is unaffected by diluted acids and alkalis, soap and household detergents. The sealant remains flexible over a wide range of temperatures from -45°C to 150°C. It also performs as an excellent adhesive on non-porous surfaces where an elastic gap-filling bond is required. It has a non-sag rheology and can be applied to vertical surfaces. Bostik Home contains a fungicide and resists mould growth. Ideal for sealing, bonding, and mending DIY tasks in and around the house such as sealing around bathroom and kitchen fittings, bonding up signboards, insulating appliances, fixing leaking plumbing, etc.

Not suitable for alkaline surfaces such as concrete, fibrous cement, asbestos, plaster and marble. Not suitable for some metals i.e. mild steel, lead, copper, tin, galvanized iron, brass or zinc as it may cause corrosion. May become discoloured in contact with some organic elastomers, which tend to bleed oil or solvents into the silicone, e.g. EPDM, APTK, Neoprene and Bituminous surfaces. Not suitable for mirrors as it will de-silver the mirror backing, affecting the front appearance of the mirror. Not suitable for contact with natural stone i.e. marble, granite, quartzite as it may discolour the surfaces. Will not adhere to some plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon. Do not apply sealant when relative humidity is below 10% - cure rate will be affected.

NOT SUITABLE FOR FISH TANKS (contains a fungicide).

NOT paintable.



Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Mould resistant
Mould resistant
Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Waterproof
Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Non toxic
Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Low shrinkage
Low shrinkage
Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Non yellowing
Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Flexible
Bostik DIY South Africa Badge UV Resistant
UV Resistant
Bostik DIY South Africa Badge Gap filling
Gap Filling

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Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free of loose materials, dust, grease, rust and other contaminants. Use masking tape to get a clean, even sealant line and to eliminate cleaning difficulties on porous surfaces. Remove tape before sealant skins.


90ml Tube 

  • Remove the cap and pierce seal with reverse side of cap.
  • Cut the nozzle to desired bead size and screw onto tube.
  • Apply silicone at a slight angle in a continuous bead to the prepared joint.
  • After use, remove the nozzle, wipe clear and replace the cap firmly.

280ml Cartridge

  • Cut the tip off the cartridge and screw on the nozzle.
  • Cut the tip of the nozzle at an angle to achieve the desired bead size.
  • Apply with a caulking gun in a continuous bead to the prepared joint.
  • Remove unwanted silicone immediately.
  • Smooth down after application within 3-5 min before skin formation occurs, by using a flat or rounded tool.
  • Sealant dries to touch in approximately 45 minutes and reaches full cure after approximately 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions


To maximize the shelf life of an opened silicone cartridge, we recommend that the nozzle be removed and a piece of plastic placed over the cartridge tip after which the nozzle must be screwed back on. A large screw inserted into the nozzle tip also helps to extend the life. Store in a cool environment.


Cured sealant must be removed mechanically with a sharp knife or chemically with Bostik Silicone Stripper. Always test on a small surface first.


Stuck in a rut and not sure which sealant is suitable for your application? Call our Sticky Questions Helpline during office hours on 0800 222 400 for technical support.