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A strong PVC adhesive ideal for security, television and general electronic cabling to walls and ceilings.

Product overview

Cable has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials: Acrylic paint, glass, cement, concrete, plaster, leather, felt, rubber, glass, metal, wood, and some plastics such as PVC and Perspex. It can also be used as a general all purpose adhesive. The non-drip formulation makes it ideal for application onto vertical surfaces. Not suitable for use on some plastics like polyethylene and polypropylene. If bonding a large surface area, ensure that at least one of the two surfaces are porous. May discolour when used outdoors.

Always work in a ventilated area as this product is flammable. Do not breathe in vapours. Avoid exposing product to any ignition sources. Do not smoke when working with Cable Adhesive.



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  • Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free of loose materials, dust, grease, rust and other contaminants.
  • Surfaces such as metals and glass should be degreased with a solvent e.g. acetone.
  • Plastics should be lightly abraded with emery paper.
  • Apply adhesive to surface and push cable into the glue line.
  • Separate until the adhesive becomes tacky (approx. 60 seconds) and press firmly together.
  • Touch dry after 30 – 60 minutes depending on amount of adhesive applied.
  • Full strength develops after 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wet and dried adhesive on applicator tools can be cleaned with acetone, thinners or parrafin. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet of the specific product for more information.

Before applying glue, ensure that all surfaces are of sound nature and clean, dry and free from dust, grease or any other contamination.

Rinse your fingers immediately with plenty of warm soapy water and do not pull on the skin that has been glued. If glue remains after using warm soapy water, it will often de-bond within a couple of days due to general wear and tear and the natural oils in the skin. If skin irritation occurs, consult a doctor.