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Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone. Let the kids join in on the fun with these easy to make Valentine’s Day Butterflies.

STEP 1: Cut

Use your red paper and cut a 10cm vertical strip to fit around the toilet roll. Apply your glue stick to one side of the paper.

STEP 2: Glue

Glue the red paper onto the toilet roll.

STEP 3: Wings

Cut out wings for the butterfly similar to two hearts attached at the bottom to make the wings. Use your Bostik Art & Craft Glue to attach the wings to the back of the body. Leave for a couple of minutes to let the glue set.

STEP 4: Eyes

Glue the eyes with Bostik Art & Craft Glue. Allow a minute to set.

STEP 5: Decorate

Use a permanent marker to draw the mouth.

STEP 6: Antennas

Cut 2 antennas to the desired length, use Bostik Double Sided Tape to attach the antennas (straw) to the inside of the toilet roll.

STEP 7: Decorate

Decorate the wings however you see fit.

STEP 8: Legs

Use Bostik Double Sided Tape to attach the legs (use your red chenille stick cut into 2 pieces). You can trim them to the desired length afterwards.

STEP 9: Decorate

Attach the hearts to the antennas using Bostik Art & Craft White glue. Allow for a minute to set.

STEP 10: Decorate

Decorate the body of the Butterfly.

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