Spring flower craft

Join us for a Bostik Activity where we'll show you how to create a beautiful flower using cotton earbuds, crazy clay, and a pipe cleaner. Let your creativity bloom!


STEP 1: Mould Your Flower

Use a tub of Bostik Crazy Clay, with Yellow being an excellent choice for crafting a daisy flower bud. Shape your clay by rolling it into a ball and then flattening it.

STEP 2: Cut Cotton Earbuds

Now, grab your cotton earbuds and use the scissors to cut them in half.

*These halves will serve as the flower petals.

STEP 3: Insert Cotton Earbuds

Insert the earbuds into the clay to shape a flower, ensuring to leave a gap for the stem.

STEP 4: Shape Pipe Cleaner For Stem

Now, take the pipe cleaners and shape them into a loop to create the stem of the flower.

STEP 5: Insert Stem

Add the stem to the flower bud by gently pressing it into the clay. This will create a delightful spring, daisy.

STEP 6: Leave To Dry

Let it dry to become a perfect spring decoration!

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