Animated paper dog

How to make an animated dog with Bostik Paper Glue!


STEP 1: Cut

Measure and cut out a 5cm x 20cm piece of red cardboard for the tongue. This will also control and animate the ears.

STEP 2: Shape

Shape his tongue round with a pair of scissors as shown.

STEP 3: Measure

For the ears, measure and cut a 12cm x 16cm piece on the yellow paper.

STEP 4: Ears

Fold in half (landscape), now measure 3cm from the bottom of the fold, then at the 3cm, cut 2cm inward and shape out the ears as demonstrated.

STEP 5: Glue

Glue the tongue with the Bostik Paper Glue to the base of the ears.

STEP 6: Canvas

For the canvas background use the blue sheet. Fold the blue A4 paper horizontally 4cm away from one side. Cut the paper on the fold. Use the bigger piece of paper for the next step (Keep the other piece, we will be using the smaller piece later). For the canvas front - fold in 2cm of the blue page on both sides. Create a 5cm wide slit/cut in the centre of the page 7cm from the top.

STEP 7: Glue

Pull the tongue through the slit. The ears should be on the side where the canvas has the 2cm folds and the tongue should stick out on the other side.

STEP 8: Body

The body - Cut 10cm x 8cm from yellow paper, hold paper landscape and round the top corners. Glue the body underneath the tongue with the round side facing up.

STEP 9: Cut & Paste

For the dog’s head - Cut 10cm x 18cm from yellow paper hold paper in portrait position round the bottom corners.

Very important: Only add glue on the top (sharp corners) and the sides of the dog’s head (no glue on the rounded part). Attach to the blue canvas. Turn the project around and create the stooper: Cut 3cm x 8cm from yellow paper and fold it in half. Glue one half onto the blue canvas behind ears in the middle and then fold other half over ears. Add glue to the visible side of the stopper and the 2 folded edges of the canvas, and then glue the left over blue piece of paper to the back.

STEP 10: Assemble

Now you can decorate the face:

  • Eyes - Cut 2 cirlces out of 4cm in diameter on the white paper.
  • Pupils - Cut 2 circles out of 2cm in on the black paper.
  • Nose - Cut a 6 x 4cm square and round all corners to shape the nose.
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