Paper Santa hat

Try this fun Christmas craft! Make and wear a cute 3D Paper Santa Hat ideal for fun loving kids and grown-ups.


STEP 1: Printing & Cutting

Print and cut out the templates provided on white paper. Ensure the outlines of the shapes remain visible.

STEP 2: Measuring

Measure and cut 2 strips of 7cm each for the band of the hat on an A4 red sheet.

STEP 3: Paste

Glue the circles onto the strips using Bostik Glue Stick.

STEP 4: Staple

Staple the two strips together to form the band of your hat.

STEP 5: Measuring & Cutting

Use 2 x A4 red sheets: Measure and cut 4 x triangles per A4 sheet. You should have 8 triangles in total. (Tip: The base of the triangle must be around 6cm)

STEP 6: Paste

Glue your triangles to the inside of your band.

STEP 7: Staple

Staple the two bands together to form your Christmas hat.

STEP 8: Paste

Glue the tips of your triangles together to form a crown on the top of the hat.

STEP 9 : Finishing the hat

Add the top piece of your hat using Bostik Glu Dots.

STEP 10 : Assembling the beard

Glue the beard to the band of the hat using your glue stick.

STEP 11 : Adding the moustache

Add your moustache to the beard using Bostik Glu Dots.

STEP 12 : Finishing touch

You can adjust the length and spacing of the moustache and beard depending on the length of you face. Bostik Removable Glu Dots is perfect to use if you need to reposition the hat to fit your face.

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