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Get ready for a buzzing good time with our crafty bumble bee activity for kids!

STEP 1: Cut & Paste

Cut out your bee’s body using your yellow cardboard paper. Cut out 4 equal strips of black paper. Stick the black strips to the body with your glue stick.

STEP 2: Trim

After sticking down your black stripes, cut off the edges to make the body neat and round.

STEP 3: Cut Head

Cut out a smaller circle for the bee’s head and glue the head to the top of the body.

STEP 4: Add Eyes

Cut out 3 different sized circles to make up the eyes:

  • 2 Big white circles, glue this down first
  • 2 Smaller black circles, glue this down on top of the white circles.
  • 2 Smaller white circles, glue this down on top of the black circles.
  • This will make your Bee’s eyes pop!

STEP 5: Add Antennae

Turn your bee over and cut out 2 strips of black paper for the bee’s antennae and stick it on top of the Bee’s head.

STEP 6: Decorate Antennae

Turn your bee back over again and cut out small red circles, stick these to the top of your bee’s antennae.

STEP 7: Add Smile

Decorate the bee’s face by drawing on a mouth and adding small circles to the sides to give it a smile.

STEP 8: Add Stinger & Wings

Lastly, to finish your bee, attach a stinger. Flip the bee over once more and cut out a black triangle and glue it to the lower part of its body. Cut out some wings from the white paper and glue them onto the bee's back. Flip the bee over one final time and voilà, your bee is now complete!