Chirstmas advent calendar

Advent calendars always make the countdown to Christmas way more fun, whether you’re a child or all grown up! A fun project to make with the whole family.


STEP 1: Cut

Take 13 toiletpaper rolls and cut them into halves.

STEP 2: Shape

Arrange them onto the cardboard to form a triangular shape that resembles a Christmas tree.

STEP 3: Draw

Draw an outline of the Christmas tree on the cardboard making sure that all the rolls fit inside. Now cut the white cardboard into this shape.

STEP 4: Paint

Paint the tubes any colour you want. No need to paint the inside as it will not be visible. Leave to dry. While waiting for the paint to dry, cut squares of the tissue paper that will cover the open circle of the tube.

STEP 5: Glue

When the paint has dried, use your paper glue OR double sided tape on the side and cover the top of the tubes with the tissue paper squares. Do not let the tissue paper be longer than the length of the tube.

STEP 6: Arrange

Once all the tubes are covered, turn the tubes upside down and arranfge them back into the shape of a Christmas tree. Tape the sides together so that the tree retains the shape.

STEP 7: Fill

Now comes the exciting part! Fill all your tubes with treats of your choice. Make sure they are all able to fit inside the tubes.

STEP 8: Stick together

Once your tubes are filled, add glue to the bottom of the tubes in position and stick the carton down on top of the tubes.

STEP 9: Triangles

Cut out 25 small triangles from the red paper and mark them 1 - 25. Glue the triangles to each of the covered tubes using Glu Dots or paper glue. Start with 25 at the top or arrange them irregularly to create a more playful look.

STEP 10: Decorate

Decorate the tree now to make it festive! We tied ribbon to the outline of the tree. But you can decorate as you wish.

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