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Decorative glue in 6 colours - ideal for adding glitter to arts and crafts

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Product overview

The Bostik Glitter Glu set contains six Glitter Glu pens in shades blue, pink, red, gold, green and silver.

Each glitter glue comes in an easy-to-use, squeezable tube with a resealable cap to avoid the glue from drying out, and a fine tip for precise application when decorating.

Our Glitter Glu pens are the ideal way to add sparkle to cards, pictures, posters, party stuff and more - without the mess! The glitter is suspended inside the glue so unlike loose glitter, your sparkles stay exactly where you've applied them. Plus, for accidental messes on clothes or other fabrics, our glitter glues can even be washed out.

Use glitter glue pens to write words, colour in shapes and draw fancy borders on your craft projects. Suitable for use on many materials including paper, cardboard, wood, felt and more.


  • Less mess alternative to glitter - combines glitter with glue
  • 6 coloured glitter glue pens
  • Easy-to-use, squeezable tube with a resealable cap and fine tip
  • Suitable for use on paper, cardboard, wood, felt and more
  • Solvent-free
  • Washes out of clothes







6 x 10.5ml
  • Bostik DIY United Kingdom Badge Easy to apply
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Documents or Resources

Technical Data Sheet

Safety data sheet



Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from any dust or loose materials. If using with children, ensure surfaces are protected with old newspaper or similar to avoid damaging the work surface.


  1. Remove the resealable cap and gently squeeze the tube, spreading the glitter glue precisely where you need it
  2. If you apply more glitter than you need, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth when it is still wet
  3. When you've finished, wipe the nozzle clean and replace the cap - your glittery design will be dry in about half an hour, or less if you've spread it thinly

Please note: If applying thick layers of glitter glue, the adhesive will fully bond in 24 hours after application.


After use, clean the nozzle and screw threads inside the cap. Once clean, replace the cap.

Should the application nozzle of the pens become blocked with glitter during use, they can be easily unblocked by carefully inserting a piece of wire, for example a paper clip into the opening.

Excess adhesive may be wiped off with a damp cloth before it dries and spills can be washed out of clothes - ideally before the adhesive is dry.


Bostik Glitter Glue typically dries within 30 minutes when applied as a thin layer.

However, due to the water content within the glitter glue, when applied in thick layers the drying time can increase and the adhesive will reach full bond in 24 hours after application. But trust us - it's worth the wait!

Glitter glue pens allow you to easily and neatly add sparkle to your pages or art projects. You can use the glue to create glitter borders in scrapbooks, outline key paragraphs in diaries, jazz up birthday balloons and decorate a photo frame or pencil case and so much more! For more inspiration, watch our video for Glitter Glue Craft Ideas.

Bostik Glitter Glue Pens can be used on paper, cardboard, wood, felt and more.

The shelf life of adhesives varies from product to product, but typically ranges between one and two years from the date of manufacture when unopened and stored correctly in dry conditions - usually between +5°C and +25°C. Once opened, the life of the product will be more limited – this is dictated by variables including the type of adhesive, how it is stored, and how much adhesive is left unused. For more information, refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet.