How to create a DIY Valentine's Day card

Showing your nearest and dearest that you love them doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. A simple, homemade Valentine’s Day card is an effective and meaningful way to win them over whilst also being affordable.

Whether you are creating a card for Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year, we have the perfect card tutorial for your Valentine, accompanied by a ready-to-go printable template.

Follow our 7 steps to create a DIY Valentine’s card and send a unique, personalised love letter from your heart to theirs!


Step 1: Print your Valentine’s card template

Print the Valentine's card template onto white card or paper. You may want to have a couple spare in case of mistakes.

Step 2: Colour in your card

Colour in your Valentine's Day card as desired using paints, crayons, Glitter Glu pens and similar.

We recommend painting activities to include: marbling, finger or potato painting, mirroring, and making different strokes using a paintbrush, bubble or blow painting.


Using different techniques and a range of colours for your DIY Valentine's card will help to achieve a unique and colourful creation.

If you want to make some elements stand out, use our Foam Pads to create a fantastic 3D effect!

Step 3: Cut out the template

Carefully cut out your homemade Valentine's Day card along the bold black lines.

Step 4: Fold your template and coloured card

Fold the template along the dotted lines and then in half down the centre making sure that the coloured sections are on the outside.

Next, fold the coloured A4 sheet of card in half.

Step 5: Stick your template to your coloured card

Apply Blu Glu stick along the folded flaps of the Valentine’s card template illustrated with the ‘glue here’ text.

Attach each flap to the inside of the folded A4 coloured card so that the bottom point of the template is a about a 1/3 of the way up from the bottom edge of the card.

Step 7: You’ve finished your DIY Valentine’s card

Ta-da! You've created a homemade Valentine's Day card and it's time to write a message to your Valentine.


Parents, encourage your little ones to focus on correct spelling, neat handwriting and the use of capital letters and proper nouns.

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