How to make your own sparklers

Sparklers are often used at celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, New Year's parties or Bonfire Night. However, traditional sparklers involve a burning flame that isn't suitable for all ages. To ensure fun for all the family, make your own sparklers with our step-by-step guide.

Using only a handful of everyday craft and household items, you can easily transform sheets of tinfoil and coloured cellophane into a dazzling DIY sparkler for even the youngest of children to enjoy.

Follow the tutorial and create your own showstopping craft sparkler today!



Steps 1 and 4 require scissors. Please ensure children are supervised when using scissors. If necessary, an adult should complete the cutting on behalf of a child.

Step 1: Cut your tin foil to size

To make your own sparkler, you'll first need to choose two sheets of cellophane in your desired colours.

Then, carefully using scissors, cut a sheet of tin foil to A4 size.

Step 2: Layer the sheets of tin foil and cellophane

Once the sheet of tin foil is cut to size, place it between the two sheets of cellophane.

Step 3: Fold the sheets lengthways

Fold the three layers lengthways a little under halfway, so that it creates a small gap as shown by the red on the right hand side.

Step 4: Cut strips in the folded sheets

Carefully cut strips along the open edge towards the fold, ensuring not to cut through to the fold.

Step 5: Stick the dowel in place

Once the strips are cut, stick the wooden dowel to one side using Sticky Tape.

Tacky's tip

If you haven't got any Sticky Tape, you could use PVA white Glu instead.

If using PVA glue, continue through the guide until step 7, then make sure you allow time for the glue to fully dry before use.

Step 6: Wrap the sheets around the dowel

Wrap the tin foil and cellophane sheets around themselves as if you've rolled them around the dowel.

Use Sticky Tape to occasionally fix the sheets in place to make sure it is fully secure.

Step 7: Open the layers to create the sparkler shape

Once fully wrapped, stick in place with Sticky Tape and gently open the layers to form your DIY sparkler.

Step 8: Ta-da! You now have a craft sparkler

There you have it - you now know how to make your own sparkler, which is safe to use and has added sound effects!

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