Make your own Halloween monsters using our printable template

To celebrate the spooky season, make your own Halloween monsters and transform your home into a haven of horror. This is a super simple Halloween paper craft, perfect for all ages. Let us guide you step-by-step to create these creepy faces…

Using our Halloween monster template, you can transform a white piece of a card into your unique take on Frankenstein, Dracula, or a wicked witch. The perfect addition to a windowsill, side table, or shelf, or to decorate a table at your annual Halloween get together.

Grab your pens and paints, it's time to get spooky!


Step 1: Print the Halloween monster template

Print the Halloween monster template onto white card or paper.

You will need to print each creepy character onto their own sheet of card. Plus, you may want to have a couple spare in case of mistakes.

Step 2: Colour in the template

Colour in the Halloween characters as desired using pens, pencils, paints, Glitter Glu or similar.

We also recommend using PVA white Glu to add craft embellishments such as sequins, gems or similar.

Tacky's tip:

Remember to stay within the lines and to shade carefully so there aren't any white gaps.


Step 3 involves using scissors. Please ensure children are supervised when using scissors and if necessary, an adult should complete the cutting on behalf of a child.

Step 3: Cut out the Halloween monsters

Next, carefully cut out each of your Halloween monsters from the template.

Step 4: Fold the template

Once you've cut out your Halloween characters, fold each of their bodies along the dotted lines shown in the template.

Step 5: Create each Halloween monster's body

Apply Blu Glu stick to the tabs on the template and fold and stick the sides together to create a box. This is your monster's body.

Step 6: Attach each monster's head

Attach each of the character's heads to the front of their bodies using Blu Glu stick.

Tacky's tip:

Using PVA white Glu, attach googly eyes to each of your Halloween monsters to bring depth and dimension to your characters.

Step 7: You're done!

Ta-da! You're all done. It's time to group all the creepy characters together to create a scary, show-stopping display.

Don't forget to tag us in your creations on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #CraftWithBostik.

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