How to repair a plastic toy

We've all been there as a child – you break your favourite toy and are left with no option but to throw it away. Thankfully, your children don't have to experience the same disappointment of throwing their treasured item in the bin. Instead, a drop or two of Bostik's best glue for plastic toys can help.

Bostik Fix & Glue is one of our best glues to repair plastic toys as it’s ultra strong, long-lasting and bonds to 99.9% of materials, making it ideal for toy repairs of all shapes and sizes.

Read on for our five simple steps for how to repair broken plastic toys. Don’t bin it, fix it and become an everyday #REPAIRHERO!


Step 1: Clean the toy

Before you start your toy repair, you must clean and dry the area to be repaired to remove any dust, dirt or grease. If necessary, degrease the plastic with an alcohol-based cleaner.

Step 2: Glue the broken parts

Place a drizzle of our super glue for plastic toys on the area to be repaired.


Bostik Fix & Glue has a precise nozzle making it perfect for accurate application on even the smallest of areas, such as fiddly arms and legs on broken toys.

Step 3: Hold the two parts of your broken toy together

Once the glue has been applied, hold the two parts of your broken toy together for 5 seconds to ensure you create the initial bond.

Good to know

Both the Bostik Fix & Glue Gel and Bostik Fix & Glue Liquid are super glues that set in just a few seconds. So, unlike traditional super glues, they won't stick to your fingers immediately.

Step 4: Let the glue dry

Leave the super glue to dry for approximately 1 minute to ensure an ultra strong, long-lasting bond.

Step 5: You've completed your toy repair

That's it - you’ve learnt how to repair broken plastic toys and your once broken belonging looks as good as new!

As well as being used for plastic toy repairs, Fix & Glue bonds 99.9% of materials, so whatever it is your little one may have broken, don't bin it, fix it and become an everyday #REPAIRHERO.

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