How to repair a broken glass

You dropped a glass… and crack! It’s broken. Instead of choosing to throw it away, you can easily fix a cracked glass using a glass repair glue, such as our Bostik Fix & Glue range.

Bostik’s Fix & Glue super glues are solvent-free, non-toxic, odourless, clear glues that are perfect for repairing a cracked glass, as well as many other household items.

Using the right glue for cracked glass is important to ensure that your repair will remain intact for a long period of time. Often, standard super glues can come apart with cleaning or general use, so choosing a formula that is water-resistant and dishwasher safe is key to a long-lasting, secure bond. Plus, as glass is transparent, it is important that your glass repair glue dries crystal clear for a seamless, invisible repair, quickly and easily.

So, don’t bin it, fix it! Use our glass repair glue and become a #REPAIRHERO today.


Step 1: Clean the area to be glued

The area to be repaired must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and any other contamination. This will ensure the best bond possible once the glue is applied.

Step 2: Apply the glue to the broken glass

Place a drop of glue on the cracked edges or parts of the glass using the fine nozzle to get a precise application.

Step 3: Press together

Once the glue is applied, lightly press the broken parts to be glued against each other to form an instant bond.

Step 4: Let the glue set

Bostik Fix & Glue dries within 5 seconds from application. This gives you the time and flexibility to adjust the positioning of the broken pieces so that you can create a seamless fit before it is securely fixed in place.

Once fully dry, you’re left with an ultra-strong and long-lasting bond that’s positioned perfectly.

Step 5: The glass is fixed

Your glass is now fixed – welcome to our #REPAIRHERO club. We hope you found this step-by-step guide easy to glue glass to glass!

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