How to repair a broken wooden coat rack

Much of the furniture that helps to make our house a home is made from wood. Whether your furniture is made from the highest quality wood or not, day-to-day life can often cause damage to these much-loved pieces of furniture.

But there's no need to throw away a broken wooden coat rack, stool, or side table. Instead, it can be a super simple fix, requiring only a drop or two of our safe and sustainably produced super glue, Fix & Glue Gel or Fix & Glue Liquid.

Discover how to repair broken wood furniture like a wooden coat rack, quickly and easily. Don’t bin it, fix it, and become an everyday #REPAIRHERO!


Step 1: Dust and clean the broken wooden furniture

As you should with any super glue application, dust and clean the area to be repaired. The repair will bond more effectively if there is no dust or dirt.


Once your item has been cleaned, lay your newspaper or old paper on your work surface to ensure that accidental spills do not cause unwanted damage.

Step 2: Select the right super glue for your wood

In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to fix a broken wood coat rack. However, as our Fix & Glue super glues are two of our best super glues for wood, you can use the same technique to repair a broken wooden chair, a broken wood table and much more.

We have two types of Fix & Glue super glue available - one in a thicker, gel formula and the second in a runny, liquid formula.

  • Fix & Glue Gel is best for vertical applications where you need the super glue to be less likely to drip.
  • Fix & Glue Liquid is best for horizontal applications where you need the super glue to flow into hard to get to cracks.

Step 3: Apply the super glue

Having chosen the right super glue for your wood repair, unscrew the cap and carefully place a drizzle of glue onto the broken coat hook which has fallen off the rack.

It is important to know that you do not need to apply the super glue to both surfaces - applying to only one surface will give the best results, creating an ultra strong, long-lasting bond.


Both types of Fix & Glue super glues are ultra strong and fast-setting, yet do not stick your fingers together immediately - great news in case you have any spillages! Instead, they set within 5 seconds, making them a safe, more user-friendly alternative to traditional super glues.

Step 4: Reapply the broken part

Having applied the super glue to your broken hook, stick it in place on the wooden coat rack and hold together for a few seconds to secure the initial bond.

Step 5: Allow the super glue to fully dry

Both types of Fix & Glue super glues will be fixed in place within 5 seconds. However, it is important to allow the glue to fully cure for a period of 17 to 24 hours at normal room temperature to ensure a long-lasting bond.

Step 6: Your broken wooden furniture is repaired!

Ta-da! You've learnt how to repair broken wooden furniture - whether it’s a wooden coat rack or a similar item, you're now an official #REPAIRHERO to save the day whenever accidents happen.

Bostik Fix & Glue is one of our best super glues for wood, plastic, metal, ceramic and more. In fact, it bonds up to 99.9% of materials so, whatever needs repairing, this safe and sustainable super glue is ready to help.

Don't bin it, fix it! Become a #REPAIRHERO today.

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